TPO15L3 Archimedes’ Palimpsest (Art History)



1.What is the lecture mainly about?

A. How Archimedes was identified as the author of some ancient texts

B. The recovery of some ancient writings on mathematics

C. Differences among various writing materials used in the Middle Ages

D. Techniques for restoring ancient manuscripts


2.What are two points the professor makes about parchment?

A. It is more long lasting than paper.

B. It was inexpensive to produce during the Middle Ages.

C. It was the material Archimedes used for his writings.

D. Its use for books decreased after the 1400s.


3.What does the professor imply when he explains the washing and scraping methods that were used to remove ink from a parchment surface?

A. Washing made parchment more able to retain newly applied ink than scraping did.

B. Washing was less effective than scraping as a means of permanently erasing ink.

C. The scraping method was used in the creation of the Archimedes palimpsest.

D. Neither method completely erased the original text.


4.What type of book became known as the Archimedes palimpsest?

A. A history book

B. A physics book

C. A prayer book

D. An artist’s book


5.What does the professor imply about the various techniques used to view Archimedes’ text?

A. The students should be familiar with most of the techniques.

B. Different techniques were used to analyze the iron content of ancient ink.

C. The use of ultraviolet light was more damaging than the other techniques.

D. X-ray imaging was more effective than the other techniques.


6.What does the professor imply about the significance of the Archimedes palimpsest?

A. It is significant because it contains what may be Archimedes’  most important work

B. It is significant because it proves that a certain mathematics text was written by Archimedes.

C. It is significant because it is the oldest one ever discovered.

D. It is significant because it is the first one to be completely deciphered.


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