TPO14C2 A Career In Journalism



1.What is the conversation mainly about?

A. The advantages and disadvantages of a career in journalism

B. Topics the student could write about for the school newspaper

C. Comparing a major in journalism to other majors

D. Preparing for a career in journalism


2.Why does the advisor discourage the student from transferring to another university?

A. His current university is highly respected by newspaper editors.

B. His current university will soon offer a major in journalism.

C. He does not need to major in journalism in order to work as a reporter.

D. He has a promising future on the staff of his current university’s newspaper.


3.According to advisor, how do newspaper editors evaluate an applicant for a reporting position? [Click on 2 answers.]

A. They ask the applicant to present ideas for news stories.

B. They ask the applicant to write a news story.

C. They review the applicant’s university course work.

D. They review a sample of the applicant’s published articles.


4.What points does the advisor make when she suggests that the student report on a local court case? [Click on 2 answers.]

A. It will help him begin to develop expertise in his field of interest.

B. It will bring him in contact with people who might help him find a job.

C. It will be a way for him to gain experience writing about business and technology.

D. It will allow him to inform students and faculty about an issue affecting their university.


5.What does the student imply when he says this:

A. He was surprised by the amount of effort required to write a newspaper article.

B. He feels that some of the editor’s changes were unnecessary.

C. He does not want to take credit that he does not deserve.

D. He will try to make sure his future articles are more accurate.


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