TPO13C2 The Language Lab



1.What are the speakers mainly discussing?

A. How to use the language lab

B. How to make a video for the class

C. How to reserve a study room in the library

D. How to improve study habits


2.How is the language lab different form the library?

A. The language lab closes much earlier than the library does.

B. More students go to the library after dinner than to the language lab.

C. Students cannot remove educational materials from the language lab.

D. There are more rooms where students can work in groups in the library.


3.When can students reserve a room in the language lab? [Click on 2 answers.]

A. When they arrive at the lab

B. After their professor signs a certain form

C. When all the members of a study group hove signed in

D. The day before they want to use room


4.What will the student probably do next?

A. Ask a classmate to watch a video with him

B. Sign out a Spanish video

C. Find out when the video he needs will be available

D. Buy a copy of the video series


5.What does the woman imply?

A. She confused the man for another student who had visited the lab earlier in the day.

B. The man is mistaken about how many videos are in the series.

C. The language lab does not own the whole series of videos the man needs.

D. The man is not familiar with the procedures used at the language lab.


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