TPO12L3 Opera (Music History)



1.What is the lecture mainly about? [Click on 2 answers.]

A. Some changes that took place in the early years of opera

B. Difference between opera and other forms of music

C. Italy’s musical influence throughout Europe

D. Reasons that early French and Italian opera did not survive


2.According to the professor, what happened after the Italian language replaced Latin in Italian opera?

A. Operas became much longer.

B. Operas began to express secular ideas.

C. Music in opera became more complex.

D. Opera was used to teach technology to the general public.


3.Why does the professor mention ancient Greek theater?

A. To give an example of a culture that adopted opera from the Italians

B. To describe the type of setting in which opera was typically performed

C. To point out a precursor of opera

D. To explain how opera was introduced into French society


4.What does the professor say about music in French opera?

A. It resembled sacred church music.

B. It often inspired French novelists to write great piece of literature.

C. It revolved mainly around solo pieces.

D. It was secondary to the rhythmic flow of language.


5.Why does the professor say this:

A. To show difference between English and Italian opera.

B. To give one instance in the evolution of opera.

C. To discuss the popularity of opera in England at the time.

D. To point out that English and Italian opera companies often worked together.


6.What does the professor imply when he says this:

A. He agrees with Chapman about opera and society.

B. He thinks Chapman’s approach to opera is confusing.

C. He is concerned that Chapman’s ideas are often misunderstood.

D. He thinks Chapman’s questions are difficult to answer.


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