TPO12L2 Managing by Wandering Around (Business)



1.What is the lecture mainly about?

A. Two competing theories of business management

B. Tools that business managers can use to improve the efficiency of their employees

C. A method for business to learn about the needs of their customers

D. A way that business managers can better relate to their employees


2.According to the discussion, what is a potential drawback of MBWA?

A. MBWA provides information about the opinions of a small number of people.

B. MBWA can provide conflicting information.

C. Customers are often reluctant to share their opinion.

D. Customers may be annoyed about being observed while they shop.


3.What does the professor say about the relationship between MBWA and market research?

A. MBWA is a refined version of a market research technique.

B. Market research information is more valuable than information from MBWA.

C. Information provided by MBWA complements information collected from market research.

D. Business managers should replace market research with MBWA.


4.Why does the professor mention Dalton’s soup and Elkin jeans?

A. To illustrate that the success of MBWA often depends on the product involved

B. To give examples of two companies that were resistant to trying MBWA

C. To contrast a successful use of MBWA with an unsuccessful use

D. To give examples of how the technique of MBWA is used in practice


5.Why does the professor discuss the mayor of Baltimore?

A. To explain the origins of the method of MBWA

B. To demonstrate that MBWA can be useful outside the business world

C. To provide an example of MBWA can sometimes fail

D. To give an example where market research and MBWA provide similar types of information


6.What does the professor imply when she says this:

A. It is surprising that Dalton’s tried to use MBWA.

B. It is surprising that MBWA was successful for Dalton’s.

C. She does not have a high opinion of the quality of Dalton’s soups.

D. Dalton’s positive experience with MBWA led many other companies to try MBWA.


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