TPO12L1 Cell Division (Biology)



1.What does the professor mainly discuss?

A. How genes control human development

B. Why various types of human cells divide at different rates

C. How human chromosomes differ from one another

D. Why most human cells cannot keep dividing successfully


2.The professor discusses research about the percentage of a chromosome’s DNA that contains genetic information. How did she feel about this research?

A. She doubted its accuracy.

B. She was surprised by its conclusion.

C. She was concerned about its implications.

D. She thought it was unnecessary.


3.What does the professor say about the DNA in a telomere?

A. It causes a cell to begin dividing.

B. It separates one gene from another.

C. It is genetically meaningless.

D. It has no function.


4.Why does the professor mention shoelaces?

A. To point out that chromosomes are arranged in pairs

B. To describe the coiled shape of a chromosome

C. To illustrate how chromosomes are protected from damage

D. To explain how chromosomes are joined before dividing


5.What does the professor imply about the length of the telomeres on a cell’s chromosomes?

A. Longer telomeres allow the cell to divide more times.

B. Longer telomeres contain more genetic information.

C. Shorter telomeres are wound into tighter coils.

D. Shorter telomeres are less likely to break.


6.According to the professor, how is the chemical telomerase related to the telomere?

A. It resembles the telomere in structure.

B. It helps repair broken telomeres.

C. It is produced at the end of telomere.

D. It prevents telomeres from becoming too long.


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