TPO12C2 A delayed paycheck



1.What is the student’s problem?

A. He missed the tuition due date.

B. He has not been paid.

C. His bank lost his paycheck.

D. His tuition payment got lost.


2.What happened at the payroll department?

A. A new computer system was installed.

B. Information was entered into the computer system correctly.

C. Some employee information got lost.

D. Paychecks were distributed for the wrong amount.


3.What does the woman imply about the people who work in the payroll office?

A. They did not realize that they had a problem.

B. They are rather disorganized.

C. They had tried to contact the man several times.

D. They prefer to process checks manually.


4.What will the student probably need to do to get paid?

A. Talk to the person who hired him

B. Go to the payroll department

C. Call the director of the payroll department

D. Resubmit the payroll paperwork


5.How does the student’s attitude change during the conversation?

A. From annoyed to appreciative

B. From frustrated to excited

C. From surprised to frustrated

D. From appreciative to surprised


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