TPO11L3 Landscape & Climate (Environmental Science)



1.What is the lecture mainly about?

A. The effect of the decrease in temperatures on wetlands

B. The use of computer models to analyze temperature patterns

C. The theory that land development affected the climate of South Florida

D. The importance of the citrus industry to the south Florida economy


2.Why does the professor mention the building of canals in the wetlands?

A. To describe what the wetlands used to look like

B. To emphasize that farmers need to transport their crops to other areas

C. To explain how the wetlands were transformed into farmland

D. To explain why people want to build farms there


3.What does the professor imply about major weather patterns such as El Niño?

A. She does not believe they are the main cause of the changes in Florida’s climate.

B. She is certain that they have caused a worldwide decrease in the number of frosts.

C. She believes they contributed to the increase of citrus production in Florida.

D. She does not fully understand what causes them.


4.What point about bodies of water does the professor emphasize to the students?

A. Bodies of water in Florida are slightly warmer now than they were 100 years ago.

B. Bodies of water in south Florida are increasing in size.

C. Bodies of water release heat back into the environment.

D. Bodies of water are a source of moisture for crops.


5.What data from 100 years ago and today were entered into the computer model that the professor discusses?

A. The average temperatures in south Florida

B. The market prices of citrus fruit grown in south Florida

C. The numbers of animal species in south Florida wetlands

D. The landscape characteristics of south Florida


6.Why does the student say this

A. To remind the professor of her previous point.

B. To check if he understood the professor’s point

C. To express surprise at what the professor said.

D. To answer the professor’s question about the farmers.


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