TPO11L1 Distraction Display (Biology)



1.What is the talk mainly about?

A. Various predators that threaten young birds

B. Various patterns of growth in young birds

C. One way that birds protect their young

D. One way that birds provide food for their young


2.According to the lecture,what do birds usually do when putting on a distraction display? [Click on 2 answers.]

A. They imitate another kind of animal.

B. They fly in circles around their nest.

C. They cover their nest with their wings.

D. They pretend they are sick or injured.


3.According to the lecture, when do birds put on their most conspicuous distraction displays?

A. Just before they lay their eggs

B. Immediately after they have laid their eggs

C. Just before their young become independent

D. Immediately after young have left the nest


4.Why does the professor say this?

A. To introduce an explanation.

B. To express uncertainty.

C. To point out an error.

D. To emphasize a point that should be obvious.


5.Why does the professor say this?

A. To explain the behavior of the predator.

B. To emphasize that predators have excellent hunting skills.

C. To state the purpose of birds’ behavior.

D. To emphasize the risks involved in a distraction display.


6.Why does the professor say this?

A. To describe the behavior of an injured sandpiper.

B. To give an example of a well-performed broken-wing display.

C. To show why some sandpipers fail to distract predators.

D. To distinguish the sandpiper’s display from another kind of display.


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