1.Why does the professor want to see the student?

A. To discuss the student’s grade on a paper

B. To invite the student to work on a committee

C. To inform the student about a change in the class schedule

D. To ask the student to become her research assistant


2.Why does the student say he is interested in doing what the professor asks?

A. He thinks it may help him provide his research skills.

B. He thinks it will enable him to get a better grade in the professor’s class.

C. He thinks it may help him get into graduate school.

D. He thinks it will be good teaching practice for him.


3.What will the applicants talk about?

A. An academic interest they have

B. Reasons why they deserve to be hired

C. Their educational background

D. The classes they hope to teach


4.Why does the professor mention that one of the applicants will give a talk on a topic the student is particularly interested in?

A. To see if the student would enjoy joining the applicant’s research team

B. To suggest that the student may not totally agree with what the applicant has to stay

C. To persuade the student to come to talk on Friday

D. To warm the student to focus on the applicant’s teaching ability


5.Why does the student say this?

A. He does not know of any job applicants.

B. He is not interested in learning about the hiring process.

C. He does not want to be responsible for any decisions that are made.

D. He does not understand why the professor has asked him the question.


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