1.Why does the man go to see the professor?

A. To hand in a late assignment

B. To find out about jobs in the department

C. To discuss Dean Adam’s current research

D. To volunteer to help organize an event


2.How did the man learn about Dean Adams’ retirement?

A. He read about it in an e-mail message.

B. It was posted on a bulletin board.

C. He heard other students discussing it.

D. Dean Adams announced it in her class.


3.Why does the professor refuse the man’s offer to help with a party?

[Click on 2 answers.]

A. Two people are already working on it.

B. She prefers that he spend his time on another project.

C. The party does not require much preparation.

D. Dean Adams is not permanently leaving the department.


4.Why does the professor talk about speciation?

A. To describe the main focus of the work she needs help with

B. To tell the man about a new research area in ethnology

C. To explain what Dean Adams chose to work on in Indonesia

D. To demonstrate how varied Dean Adams’ research has been


5.Why does the professor say this?

A. To express doubt about the man’s qualifications for the project.

B. To ask the man if he would be willing to work on the project.

C. To ask the man to recommend someone for the project.

D. To apologize for not being able to offer the project to the man.


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