1.Why does the student go to the career services office?

A. to confirm the date and time of the career fair.

B. to learn the location of the career fair.

C. to find out he is allowed to attend the career fair.

D. to get advice about interviewing at the career fair.


2.Why does the student think that companies’ representatives would not be interested in talking to him?

A. he will not be graduating this year.

B. he is not currently talking business classes.

C. he has not declared a major yet.

D. he does not have a current resume.


3.What does the woman imply about the small print on the career fair posters and flyers?

A. the information in the small print was incomplete.

B. the print was similar than she expected it to be.

C. the information the small print contains will be updated.

D. the information in the small print will be presented in a more noticeable way.


4.What does the woman say is a good way for the student to prepare for speaking to companies’ representatives?Click on 2 answers.

A. take some business classes.

B. familiarize himself with certain businesses beforehand.

C. have questions ready to ask the representatives

D. talk to people who work for accounting films


5.Why does the student say this?

A. To acknowledge that he cannot go to this year’s career fair.

B. To acknowledge the amount of preparation he will have.

C. To indicate that he has school work he must complete before the career fair.

D. To indicate that he needs to go to his job now.


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