1.What is the conversation mainly about?

A. An assignment about which the student would like advice

B. Concerns as to whether the student should be in the professor’s course

C. The selection of films to be viewed by students in a film theory course

D. The structure and sequence of courses in the Film Department


2.What is the professor’s attitude toward the student’s high school film course?

A. He does not consider it satisfactory preparation for the class he teaches.

B. He does not think that literary works should be discussed in film classes.

C. He believes that this type of course often confuses inexperienced students.

D. He feels that the approach taken in this course is the best way to learn about film.


3.Why was the student permitted to sign up for professor’s film theory course?

A. Her high school course fulfilled the requirement for previous course work.

B. The computer system that usually blocks students was not working properly.

C. An employee in the department did not follow instructions.

D. The professor made an exception in her case.


4.Why does the professor decide to allow the student to remain in his class? [Click on 2 answers.]

A. She needs to take the course in order to graduate.

B. He is impressed with her eagerness to continue.

C. She convinces him that she does have adequate preparation for the course.

D. He learns that she is not studying film as her main course of study.


5.What does the professor advise the student to do in order to keep up with the class she is in?

A. Take the introductory course

B. Watch some video recordings

C. Do extra reading

D. Drop out of her marketing class


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