1.What is the conversation mainly about?

A. Methods for finding appropriate sources for a project

B. Reasons the woman is having difficulties with a project

C. Criteria the professor uses to evaluate group projects

D. Ways to develop the skills needed to work in groups


2.Why does the professor mention the ‘free-rider’ problem?

A. To review a concept he explained in class

B. To give the student a plan to solve her problem

C. To clarify the problem the student is facing

D. To explain a benefit of working in groups


3.What is the professor’s opinion of the other students in the woman’s group?

A. They try to take credit for work they did not do.

B. They did not perform well in previous courses with him.

C. They are more motivated when they are working in a group.

D. They do good work when they are interested in the subject.


4.Why did the woman choose property rights as a topic?

A. The professor recommended the topic.

B. She already had a lot of reference materials on the subject.

C. She wanted to learn something new.

D. It was easy to research at the school library.


5.What mistakes does the professor imply the woman has made while working on a project? [Click on 2 answers.]

A. Finding sources for her group partners

B. Writing the weekly progress reports for her group

C. Forgetting to pay attention to the project’s deadlines

D. Failing to involve the group members in the selection of a topic


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