1.Why does the man need the woman’s assistance? [Click on 2 answers.]

A. He does not know the publication date of some reviews he needs.

B. He does not know the location of the library’s videos collection of plays.

C. He does not know how to find out where the play is currently being performed.

D. He does not know how to determine which newspaper he should look at.


2.What does the woman imply about critical reaction to the play Happy Strangers?

A. Negative critical reaction led to its content being revised after it premiered.

B. The play has always been quite popular among university students.

C. Reactions to the play are more positive nowadays than they were in the past.

D. The play is rarely performed nowadays because critics have never liked it.


3.What does the woman say about her experience seeing a performance of Happy Strangers when she was younger? [Click on 2 answers.]

A. It was the first play she had seen performed professionally.

B. She saw it against the wishes of her parents.

C. She was surprised at how traditional the performance was.

D. She had a variety of emotional reactions to the play.


4.What is the man’s attitude toward his current assignment?

A. He is not confident that he will find the materials he needs.

B. He feels that performing in a play is less boring than reading one.

C. He thinks his review of the play will be more objective than the contemporary reviews were.

D. He is optimistic that he will learn to appreciate the play he is researching.


5.Why does the woman say this?

A. To ask the man to clarify his request.

B. To state the man’s request more precisely.

C. To make sure that she heard the man correctly.

D. To correct a mistake the man has made.


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