1.Why does the student go to see the professor?

A. To ask about a class assignment

B. To find out about a mid-semester project

C. To get information about summer jobs

D. To discuss ways to improve his grade


2.What was originally located on the site of the lecture hall?

A. A farmhouse

B. A pottery factory

C. A clothing store

D. A bottle-manufacturing plant


3.What is mentioned as an advantage of working on this project?

A. Off-campus travel is paid off.

B. Students can leave class early.

C. The location is convenient.

D. It fulfills a graduation requirement.


4.What is the professor considering doing to get more volunteers?

A. Offering extra class credit

B. Paying the students for their time

C. Asking for student volunteers from outside her class

D. Providing flexible work schedules


5.What information does the student still need to get from the professor?

A. The name of the senior researcher

B. What book he needs to read before the next lecture

C. When the train session will be scheduled

D. Where the project is located


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