1.Why does the woman come to the office?

A. To notify the university of her change of address

B. To find out where her physics class is being held

C. To get directions to the science building

D. To complain about her physics class being canceled


2.What happened to the letter the university sent to the woman?

A. She threw it away by mistake

B. Her roommate forgot to give it to her

C. It was sent to her old mailing address

D. It was sent to another student by mistake


3.Why was the woman’s physics class canceled?

A. Not enough students signed up to take the class.

B. No professors were available to teach the class.

C. The university changed its requirements for physics students.

D. There were no classrooms available in the science building at the hour.


4.What does the man suggest the woman do before the beginning of next semester?

A. Consult with her advisor about her class schedule

B. Check with the registrar’s office about the location of the class

C. Register for her classes early

D. Call the physics department


5.What does the man imply when he say this:

A. He know the physics class has been canceled.

B. He is not sure where the science building is.

C. Many of the room assignments have been changed.

D. The women can check for herself where her class is.


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