1.What are the students mainly discussing?

 [Click on 2 answers.]

A. Their courses for next semester

B. Their plans for the weekend

C. A poetry club

D. A class assignment


2.What does the man plan to do at the end of the month?

A. Register for classes

B. Finish writing his master’s thesis

C. Leave his job at the coffee shop

D. Take a short vacation


3.Why does the man talk to the woman about the “Poetry Kitchen”?

A. To find out how often the club meets

B. To inform her that the date of the next meeting has changed

C. To complain that not enough people are reading their poems

D. To encourage her to attend


4.What is the woman’s attitude toward participating in the poetry club?

A. She is looking forward to hearing her professor’s poetry.

B. She is interested in attending but she has no time.

C. She thinks the poetry that is read there is not very good.

D. She used to participate but did not enjoy it.


5.What will the students do in the summer?

A. They will both take courses.

B. They will both have full-time jobs.

C. They will travel to England together.

D. They will teach a class together.


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