1.Why does the man go to see his professor?

A. To borrow some charts and graphs from her

B. To ask her to explain some statistical procedures

C. To talk about a report he is writing

D. To discuss a grade he got on a paper.


2.What information will the man include in his report?

A.Include in report B.Not include in report
Climate charts

Interviews with meteorologists

Journals notes

Statistical tests


3.Why does the professor tell the man about the appointment at the doctor’s office?

A. To demonstrate a way of remembering things

B. To explain why she needs to leave soon

C. To illustrate a point that appears in his report.

D. To emphasize the importance of good health


4.What does the professor offer to do for the man?

A. Help him collect more data in other areas of the state

B. Submit his research findings for publication

C. Give him the doctor’s telephone number

D. Review the first version of his report


5.Why does the professor say this?

A. To question the length of the paper

B. To offer encouragement

C. To dispute the data sources

D. To explain a theory


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