1.What is the conversation mainly about?

A. A lesson Matthew prepared for his students

B. A class Matthew has been observing

C. A term paper that Matthew has written

D. A problem in Matthew’s classroom


2.What is Matthew’s opinion about observing Mr. Grabell’s third-grade class?

A. It will help him become a more effective teacher.

B. It could help improve his study habits.

C. It has improved his public-speaking skills.

D. It may be the most difficult assignment he has had.


3.Why does Matthew mention Greek and Roman mythology?

A. To identify a topic frequently discussed in third grade

B. To get the professor’s opinion about a lesson he taught

C. To make a suggestion to improve the class he is taking

D. To illustrate a technique used to teach a third-grade class


4.What important skills did Mr.Grabell introduce to his third-grade class? Click on 3 answers

A. Reviewing other students’ reports

B. Using books in the library

C. Interviewing their classmates

D. Speaking in public

E. Writing reports


5.What will Matthew probably do in next Wednesday’s class?

A. Hand in his assignment early

B. Try to start a study group

C. Make a presentation to the class

D. Choose a topic for his paper


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