TPO61L4 Restoration vs. Preservation (Art History)



1. What is the main purpose of the lecture?

A. To determine the origin of modern restoration practices

B. To explain why so many Renaissance sculptures exist today as fragments 

C. To present opposing viewpoints about art restoration

D. To discuss the sculpture and painting typical of the Renaissance period


2. According to the professor what characteristic of the Bateman statue of Mercury reflects a typical Renaissance practice

A. Fragments of a surviving sculpture are preserved as fragments

B. The base and the sculpture are carved from the same piece of stone

C. The design plans of the original artist were used to re-create the sculpture

D.  Fragments from more than one sculpture were combined to make a single sculpture


3.What is the male student’s attitude toward Cellini’s practices?

A. He thinks they showed a lack of creative thinking

B. He thinks they were appropriate only in certain cases

C. He does not consider them a valid form of restoration

D. He does not think they have received the credit they deserve


4. Why does the professor mention Michelangelo

A. Michelangelo exemplifies Renaissance artists who tried to preserve ancient artworks

B. Some of Michelangelo’s own works were altered by restorers

C. Michelangelo was instrumental in changing the restoration practices of the Renaissance 

D. Michelangelo’s works of art are considered aesthetically superior to those of Cellini


5. How did the goals of restoration change in the eighteenth century? 

A. More emphasis was placed on invention

B. More emphasis was placed on authenticity

C. The emphasis shifted from historical accuracy to aesthetic beauty

D. The emphasis shifted from restoring to recycling raw materials


6. What does the professor imply when he says this:

A. Cellini revived people’s interest in the work of great artists 

B. Cellini’s art required a wide variety of skills

C. Cellini’s actions were not consistent with his words

D. Cellini was considered one of the greatest artists of his time


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