TPO61L2 Straw-bale Construction (Environmental science)



1. What is the main purpose of the lecture?

A. To discuss the goals of green-building programs

B. To compare several methods of home construction

C. To discuss an example of green-building construction

D. To suggest ways that green building can be made more affordable


2. What are two ways that straw-bale construction is compatible with green-building standards? Click on 2 answers

A. It contributes to the conservation of natural resources 

B. It employs new energy-saving technologies.

C. It uses materials that are energy efficient

D. It uses materials that are easy to discard.


3. Why does the professor mention Nebraska-style homes?

A. To explain that they were less durable than straw bale homes today 

B. To explain that using straw to build homes is not a new technique 

C. To point out that people were using the style to save trees

D. To point out the origins of the green-building movement


4. According to the professor what are the advantages of using stucco coating in straw-bale construction? Click on 2 answers

A. It makes straw bales strong enough to support the roof

B. It improves the air quality inside the building

C. It is cheaper than wall coating used in traditional construction 

D. It contributes to creating a passive solar building


5. Why does the professor mention a stack of telephone directories? 

A. To help describe the size of straw bales

B. To demonstrate the insulation properties of straw

C. To explain the fire-resistant properties of straw bales

D. To show alternative uses for recycled building materials


6. What is the professor’s opinion of the popularity of straw-bale construction in the United States? 

A. She thinks most people believe that the concept is too good to be true

B. She thinks straw-bale construction has become a popular building technique

C. She thinks straw-bale construction needs governmental support to become more attractive

D. She thinks local governments may not be familiar with the advantages straw-bale construction offers


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