1. Why does the student go to the housing office? 

A. To pay the fines that she has received

B. To find out what time she needs to leave her building

C. To explain why she should not have to pay her fines

D. To report damage that her roommate has caused


2. According to the man, why does the university hold both roommates responsible for dormitory room fines? 

A. The university expects roommates to divide their fines equally

B. The university had difficulty collecting fines in the past

C. This policy helps to reduce conflicts between roommates 

D. This policy results in less damage to dormitory rooms


3. Why does the student mention a friend who lives in another dormitory? 

A. To explain the difference between what she did and what her friend did

B. To explain why her friend did not have to pay a fine

C. To show that she understands the university’ s housing policy

D. To point out that the university’s housing policy seems inconsistent


4. Why does the man believe the student probably will not need to pay one of the fines? 

A. The floor supervisor notified the housing office about the missing chair

B. The students roommate has agreed to pay the fine

C. The student was not responsible for filling out a form

D. One of the fines was sent to the wrong person


5. What can be inferred about the student when she says this:

A. She cannot recall the supervisors name

B. She does not understand what the man means

C. She doubts that the man understands her problem 

D. She does not want to answer the man’s question


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