1. Why did the professor make an appointment with the student?

A. To discuss a book they both read

B. To give her suggestions on her writing style

C. To compliment her essay form

D. To talk about the content of her essay


2. What does the student NOT understand about the book? 

Click on 2 answers

A. Why the main character decided to work overseas

B. What point the author is trying to make

C. The reason the main character changes her mind

D. Why the author included so many details about the main character’s life


3. What suggestions does the professor give the student to help her write her analysis? Click in the correct boxes

Yes No
Examine the main character’s personality

Imagine herself as the main character

Take on the author’s point of view

Describe events that occurred when the main character changed her opinion

Analyze the writing techniques of the author


4. At the end of the meeting, what is the professor’s attitude toward the student?

A. He is surprised that she is able to explain the book to him

B. He is uncomfortable with her reaction to his suggestions

C. He is encouraged that she understands the point he is making

D. He is uncertain whether she will reread the book more closely


5. Why does the professor say this to the student:

A. To test her knowledge of the book

B. To stimulate her thinking for her essay

C. To help her realize that the author forgot to include some information

D. To express his surprise at the author’ s technique


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