TPO60L4 General Principles of Human Development (Psychology)



1. What is the lecture mainly about?

A. Results of a recent research study in developmental psychology

B. The role of heredity in human development 

C. Factors affecting the rate of human development

D. Basic rules that describe the usual path of human development


2. According to the professor, why have the studies on the role of heredity versus environment been inconclusive? 

A. It is difficult to determine the specific influence of each factor

B. It is difficult to measure the influence of environment on physical development 

C. It Is difficult to measure intellectual development in the early stages

D. The influence of each factor changes depending on the stage of development


3. What example does the professor give to support her point about the rates at which development takes place? 

A. A child’s feet may grow faster than the child’s arms

B. A child who appears mature may behave in a childish way

C. A child who is a slow learner can develop into a bright adolescent

D. Children today grow faster than did children of previous generations


4. Why does the professor mention babies sitting and standing? 

A. To point out the ages at which a child can sit or stand

B. To show the relationship between motor development and intellectual development 

C. To give an example of sequential development

D. To point out that all babies do not develop at the same rate


5. What does the professor say about the starting point of any particular developmental stage?

A. The start of each stage occurs at exactly the same age for all children

B. The start of each stage should be carefully charted by parents

C. The start of each stage does not occur until the previous stage is completed

D. The start of each stage cannot be exactly predicted


6. Why does the professor say this

A. To encourage the students to give an answer

B. To point out a common misconception

C. To prevent an incorrect interpretation of her statement

D. To indicate that she is not certain about her statement


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