TPO60L3 Equilibrium Theory of Island Biogeography (Ecology)



1. What is the lecture mainly about?

A. Species that are typically associated with island ecosystems

B. Differences between island and mainland ecosystems

C. A model that predicts the number of species that an island can support

D. Reasons immigration rates must exceed extinction rates in island ecosystems


2. According to the lecture, what two factors will affect the number of species that can exist on an island? 

Click on 2 answers

A. The number of volcanoes on the island 

B. The size of the island

C. The location of the island

D. The human population on the island


3. The professor describes the consequences for species as “an island becomes more crowded over time” . What consequences does she mention? 

Click on 2 answers

A. Species become more vulnerable to extinction

B. One or two stronger species dominate the space

C. Old species disappear as the immigration rate increases

D. Each species will tend to be present in smaller numbers


4. According to the professor, what CANNOT be predicted by the equilibrium theory of island biogeography? 

A. The point at which equilibrium is achieved

B. The effect of competition on species’ development 

C. The total number of species on an island

D. The specific mix of species that will occur


5. In the talk, the professor describes the process of regeneration on Krakatoa Summarize the sequence of events by putting them in the correct order. Click on a phrase Then drag it to the space where it belongs 





Answer Choices

A. A grassland ecosystem developed. 

B. A forest ecosystem developed

C. Bats and birds returned 

D. Weeds and insects returned


6. What does the professor imply about the equilibrium theory when she discusses events on Krakatoa? 

A. The theory no longer worked for Krakatoa after the volcanic eruption there

B. Events on Krakatoa are consistent with the theory

C. The theory explains the immigration rate on Krakatoa, but not the extinction rate

D. Events on Krakatoa provide evidence that contradicts the theory


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