TPO60C1 More Repair Needed



1. Why does the student go to see the man?

A. To check on the status of some repairs she requested

B. To complain about the quality of some repair work

C. To find out why her room has been scheduled for repair work

D. To report that some additional repair work will be needed


2. According to the student, why do some people have their windows open in her building? 

A. Their windows are broken and they cannot close them

B. They are responding to an order from the fire inspector

C. They are trying to clear the smell of fresh paint from their rooms

D. They are trying to create a comfortable temperature in their rooms.


3. Why does the student mention her friend Bob?

A. To emphasize that she is not the only student who is experiencing problems

B. To emphasize that the problem she is describing cannot be easily fixed 

C. To explain why she will not need the building manager’s help

D. To explain how she learned there was a problem in her room


4. What does the student imply when she talks about moving to an off-campus apartment? 

A. She will not be able to move for a few days

B. She cannot stay in the apartment indefinitely

C. She has not been happy with the security staff in her dormitory

D. She is not confident that the problems can be fixed in her dormitory room


5. What does the man imply when he says this:

A. He is not sure what is causing the problem

B. It is the student’s fault that she has a problem

C. The student is probably right about the source of the problem

D. He does not understand the students description of her problem


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