TPO60-L2 An Environmental Challenge (Engineering Class)



1. What is the lecture mainly about?

A. A new building material that resists the effects of harsh weather 

B. A design for piers that prevents ice from accumulating

C. A construction technique that was developed quickly

D. A bridge design that was adapted for use in northern Europe


2. What major challenge in the design of the Confederation Bridge does the professor discuss?

A. The winding path of the Northumberland Strait

B. The depth of the water in which piers were placed 

C. The ice sheets moving in the water

D. The erosive force of winds on building materials


3. According to the professor, what would be a likely consequence of the type of ice buildup that he describes? 

A. The ice would prevent boats from passing under the bridge

B. The ice would cause the surface of the bridge to freeze

C. The ice would melt in warm weather and would flood the strait

D. The ice would have a negative effect on the coastal wildlife of Prince Edward Island


4. What was the purpose of adding “protective shields” ?

A. To make it possible for the piers to carry more weight 

B. To keep the temperature of the bridge stable

C. To break up the ice that comes in contact with the piers

D. To prevent the bridge from moving in the wind


5. Why does the professor say this

A. He is certain about the conditions that he describes

B. He barely remembers the conditions that he describes 

C. He ought to know about the conditions but he does not

D. The conditions that he describes are possible, but not likely


6. Why does the professor say this

A. He is surprised at the cost of the engineers’ solution 

B. He is pleased with the engineers’ choice of materials

C. He is impressed by the engineers’ skill

D. He is inspired by the engineers’ enthusiasm


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