TPO60-C2 A Schedule Conflict



1. Why does the student have a scheduling conflict on Friday? 

A. She has another class on Friday afternoons

B. The professor added a course requirement at the last minute 

C. She has to go home to her parents on Friday

D. Her parents have unexpectedly changed their schedule


2. What does the professor complain about when the student arrives? 

A. The quality of a film reel he recently received

B. The number of students who missed seeing a film he showed in class 

C. A problem with reserving a classroom for showing a movie

D. A miscommunication with staff of the media center


3. Why does the professor mention an orchestra?

A. To help explain the plot of the film he will be showing in the next class

B. To help clarify the difference between watching a videotape and watching a film

C. To compare French films with those from other countries

D. To emphasize the importance of the background music in a film


4. Why is the professor not aware that Parents’ Weekend is scheduled for the end of this week?

A. He thought it had been cancelled this year

B. It is usually scheduled later in the year

C. It was not listed in the official academic schedule

D. He misread the academic calendar


5. What is the professor’s attitude toward the students problem?

A. He is happy to accommodate the weekend plans that the student has made

B. He feels that the students academic responsibilities should have a higher priority

C. He believes that solving the problem is the responsibility of the university

D. He is sorry that the student will not be able to attend class


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