TPO59C2 French Club



1. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

A. The student’s opinion of the professors class

B. The student’s grade on a recent test

C. The professors idea about starting a French club

D. The upcoming events scheduled for the French club


2. How does the student know about the Spanish club? 

A. He has seen flyers about the club’ s events

B. He helped start the club last semester

C. His Spanish professor asked him to join it.

D. His roommate told him about it


3. What does the student imply about his high school French classes? 

A. They were not as comprehensive as the current

B. They were more interesting than the current class

C. They did not help prepare him for college-level classes.

D. They helped him become interested in French films


4. How does the student first react when the professor asks him to organize a French club? 

A. He is enthusiastic about planning activities

B. He is afraid that the professor will not help him 

C. He is confident that many students will join

D. He is doubtful that he has enough time


5. What factors influence the student’s decision to start the club? 

Click on 2 answers

A. He wants to get a good grade in the class

B. He wants to improve his resume

C. He enjoys speaking French outside of the classroom

D. He has prior experience running a club


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