TPO59C1 Campus Life Survey



1. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

A. Students’ concerns about the quality of life on campus

B. Funding for new equipment for the gymnasium 

C. The university’ s academic reputation

D. A survey that the student wants to conduct


2. Why does the woman conduct the survey?

A. The dean of admissions asked her to conduct the survey

B. The survey fulfills a requirement for one of her classes 

C. The survey is part of her new job duties

D. The Campus Life staff conducts a survey every year


3. What situation does the man think is related to the poor quality of life on campus? 

A. The rise in the use of the athletics center

B. The decline in the quality of students’ academic work 

C. The decrease in the number of applicants for admission

D. The increase in the number of students who transfer to other schools


4. According to t he survey results, what aspects of campus life are the students least satisfied with? Click on 2 answers

A. The auditorium

B. The lounges 

C. The cafeteria

D. The gymnasium


5. Why does the man say this

A. To indicate that he is not certain about the results 

B. To indicate that he thinks the results are obvious 

C. To help the student interpret the results

D. To point out an error in the results


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