TPO58L4 Harlem renaissance (African American History)



1. What is the lecture mainly about?

A. The influence of the Harlem Renaissance on political movements in the United States

B. What the Harlem Renaissance was and why it happened 

C. Why the Harlem Renaissance came to an early end

D. A comparison of literary works written during the Harlem Renaissance


2. According to the professor, what literary innovations did Harlem Renaissance writers introduce in their works? Click on 2 answers

A. The characters in their novels were cosmopolitan.

B. They incorporated folk traditions into their writings

C. They brought elements of African American music to their poetry

D. They celebrated urban life instead of traditional rural life


3. Where did the cultural renaissance discussed in the lecture take place? 

A. It was confined to Harlem in New York City

B. It spread among rural communities of African immigrants. 

C. It was centered around the town of Niagara Falls

D. It mostly occurred in cities in the north of the United States


4. What does the professor imply about the dates of the Harlem Renaissance?

A. The renaissance began several years before the publication of Dubois’ first book 

B. Historians do not agree about when the renaissance began.

C. Many people assume the renaissance lasted longer than it actually did

D. The renaissance ended when the First World War ended


5. According to the professor, which historical events created conditions for the development of African American literature in the 1920s? Click on 3 answers

A. The rise of the labor union movement

B. The mass migration of the rural population to cities 

C. The founding of new universities in the North

D. A meeting led by DuBois 

E. The return of veterans of World War I


6. What does the professor imply when she says this:

A. The assumption is reasonable but false

B. The student’s question was not very perceptive 

C. The student should find the answer for himself

D. The class should pay closer attention


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