TPO58L1 Homing (Biology)



1. What does the professor mainly discuss in the lecture? 

Click on 2 answers

A. Some ways birds benefit by having homing abilities

B. Several ways that birds improve their homing abilities

C. Some navigational tools that birds use in migration and homing

D. Several research studies that measure migration and homing abilities in birds


2. According to the professor, what are three ways in which homing behavior is different from migration behavior in

Click on 3 answers

A. Homing is not a seasonal activity

B. Homing does not always involve long distances

C. Homing behavior is learned rather than instinctive.

D. Homing abilities allow birds to deal with unexpected situations

E. Homing requires the use of different navigational tools than does migration


3. According to the professor, birds often take a different route when they leave the nest to hunt for food than they do when they return to the nest. What is one reason for this behavior?

A. Birds use the return flight to teach their young homing skills

B. Birds want to complete the return trip as quickly as possible

C. By taking different routes, birds have access to more food sources

D. By taking different routes, birds avoid predators that may try to follow them.


4. Why does the professor mention a study with gannets?

A. To identify a bird species that does not migrate long distances

B. To explain that some birds fly in spiral patterns until they locate food sources 

C. To illustrate differences in behavior between coastal and mountain bird species

D. To demonstrate that some birds use distinctive features of the landscape as a navigation tool


5. What does the professor imply about the design of research experiments that the students might conduct on bird navigation?

A. Well-designed research studies help to explain human as well as bird navigational abilities

B. Past research studies were mistakenly designed to study only one navigational skill at a time. 

C. Students need to be careful to avoid designing experiments that are based on faulty assumptions

D. Students should try to design experiments that challenge traditional theories about birds’


6. Why does the student say this:

A. To establish a connection between two scientific studies

B. To point out that the professor mentioned these details in a previous class 

C. To indicate she is confident that her initial response was correct

D. To show that she agrees with the professor’ s interpretation of a theory


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