1. Why does the man go to see the professor? 

A. To confirm that he is registered for her class

B. To introduce himself to her before the beginning of classes 

C. To discuss work he plans to do in preparation for her class

D. To borrow a copy of a film he missed in class


2. What did the man wrongly assume?

A. That he cannot take a film class during his second year of college

B. That he is required to take a film class

C. That he has registered for a filmmaking class

D. That a film class will fulfill his English literature requirement


3. What will the students learn about in Professor Johnson’s class? 

A. How classic stories become films

B. How to produce a film 

C. Famous screenwriters

D. Narrative techniques used in film


4. What do the film narrative class and the English composition class have in common? 

A. Both use the same textbook

B. Both require students to write a lot of papers. 

C. Both are taught by Professor Webb

D. Both are required for a degree in film studies


5. What does the professor suggest the man find out at the English department? 

A. Whether the English department offers a course on narratives in stories

B. Whether the film narrative course could be accepted for his English requirement 

C. When the man needs to make a final decision about his fall classes

D. When the English composition class is scheduled to meet


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