1. Why does the student go to the work-study office?

A. To talk about what he would like to do after graduation

B. To receive feedback on his performance at work 

C. To ask for advice about finding a new job

D. To learn what courses best match his career goals


2. What information was included in the report from the museum director? 

A. The student spoke with friends when he should have been helping visitors

B. The student did not give accurate information to museum visitors 

C. The student arrived late to work on one occasion

D. The student requested a job in a different part of the museum


3. What is the student’s main concern about his job? 

A. He does not like working outdoors

B. He is not confident interacting with museum visitors

C. He does not have enough time to spend on academic studies

D. He is not interested in the sculptures at the museum


4. What does the woman suggest that the student call the curator’s office? Click on 2 answers

A. To find out if he can work there

B. To get more information about the sculpture garden

C. To apologize for causing a problem at the museum

D. To learn what background he will need to become a curator


5. What does the woman imply when she says this:

A. The student does not understand that the museum’s rules are less strict for volunteers 

B. The student should work more closely with volunteers in the sculpture garden

C. The museum should hire more work-study students

D. The student does not appreciate his job


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