TPO57L4 American West (United States History)



1. What aspect of the American West is the lecture mainly about? 

A. How it was affected by government policies in the 1900s

B. How corporations influenced its history 

C. Different interpretations of its history

D. Economic changes that took place there before 1890


2. What point did Turner emphasize in his lecture about the American frontier? 

A. Opportunities on the frontier were increasing.

B. The frontier no longer existed.

C. Earlier historians had drawn incorrect conclusions about the frontier

D. Settlement of the frontier should be encouraged


3. What point does the professor emphasize when she discusses the ideas of Turner and the New Western historians? 

A. They came to different conclusions using the same evidence.

B. They failed to address crucial historical questions.

C. They presented similar stories of settlers from different places

D. They did not adequately account for economic factors.


4. With which statement about Turner would the New Western historians most likely agree? 

A. Turner failed to recognize that social and economic conditions shape personal attitudes.

B. Turner did not spend enough time traveling on the frontier.

C. Turner overestimated the amount of land owned by large corporations

D. Turner incorrectly assumed that people had control over most aspects of their lives


5. Indicate for each statement whether it reflects Turner’s view of the American West or the view of the New Western historians. Click in the correct boxes

Turner’ s View  New Western Historians’ View 
The federal government shaped the economic life of the frontier

The availability of cheap land promoted certain ideals.

Americans would become less individualistic after the Western frontier disappeared


6. Why does the professor say this:

A. To emphasize that the American frontier attracted many immigrants from Europe 

B. To explain a flaw in Turner’s view of the American frontier

C. To indicate that Turner later changed his views on some issues

D. To contrast the settlement of the West to that of other parts of the United States


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