TPO57L1 Sentimentality (History)



1. What is the lecture mainly about? Click on 2 answers.

A. Story elements that make comedies funny 

B. A type of play that was popular in the past 

C. Opposing theories about human nature

D. Theories about roles that people play in society


2. Why does the professor mention social contract theory?

A. To provide the historical setting for the development of sentimental theory

B. To give an example of a theory proposed by sentimental philosophers 

C. To explain the basic concept underlying all sentimental comedies

D. To offer one explanation for the influence sentimental comedies had on society


3. According to the professor, what two questions did sentimental theorists need to answer about their theory? Click on 2 answers.

A. Why do people do bad things?

B. How can people resist bad influences?

C. How is it possible for people to feel good when they do bad things?

D. Can people who do bad things become good again?


4. According to the professor, what is a typical sentimental comedy usually about? 

A. A good person who tries to help others

B. A good person in a desperate situation

C. A person who encourages others to behave badly

D. A bad person who is punished in the end


5. What does the professor imply is the fundamental objective of sentimental comedies? 

A. To make people aware of social problems

B. To remind people that money does not always bring happiness 

C. To help people forget about their problems

D. To encourage people to be true to their inner nature


6. What does the professor imply when he says this:

A. Sentimental comedies preceded the development of sentimental theory 

B. Sentimental comedies were surprisingly funny

C. It is difficult to understand why sentimental comedies were once so popular.

D. It is not known exactly where the first sentimental comedies were presented

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