1. Why does the man go to talk to the librarian? 

A. To get directions to another library branch

B. To find out if his request for a journal has been processed 

C. To get help locating a source for his research paper

D. To obtain a list of the linguistics journals the library carries


2. What does the man learn about the library’s computer catalog? 

A. It shows listings from several libraries.

B. Information is updated every other day

C. It requires that the user enter a special code

D. It lists only a few of the journals carried by the university library system.


3. What does the librarian offer to do to help the man? 

A. Print out a list of other linguistics journals

B. Request the journal from another library

C. Find out which library carries linguistics journals

D. Find out the hours of the language department library


4. Why does the man need to talk to his sister? 

A. To ask her if he can borrow her car

B. To ask her for a ride to Pearson Hall

C. To ask her to bring his student ID card from home

D. To ask her to check out a journal from the language department library


5. What does the librarian imply when she says this

A. She doubts that the man can finish his paper on time

B. She thinks it may be difficult for the man to find the listening lab

C. The language department library will be closing soon 

D. The man can get the linguistics journal later today.


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