1. Why does the student go to see the professor?

A. To request an extension of the due date of his term paper

B. To ask about a theory he did not understand in class 

C. To discuss an idea for his term paper project

D. To get advice on how to prioritize his work


2. Why does the student mention a particular stage in early childhood development? 

A. To show that his niece learns faster than other children in that stage

B. To show that his niece displays behavior appropriate for that stage

C. To point out that he does not agree with Piaget’s theory about that stage

D. To point out that he does not fully understand how that stage can be observed


3. Why does the professor discuss Piaget’s research method? 

A. To suggest that the student use the same method

B. To provide a criticism of Piaget’s theory

C. To supplement information provided in class

D. To clarify the student’s assumption about what Piaget did


4. Why does the professor reject the student’s proposal to write about his niece? Click on 2 answers.

A. The proposal does not fulfill the requirements of the assignment.

B. The proposal does not take Piaget’ s theory into consideration.

C. The student’s niece is too young to display the behaviors identified by Piaget.

D. The student does not have sufficient training to conduct a worthwhile experiment


5. Why does the professor says this

A. She does not have time to answer the student’ s questions

B. She does not want to hurt the student’s feelings.

C. She is pleased that the student thought of an original research project

D. She is impressed with the student’s understanding of the class material.

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