TPO56L3 Archaeological Investigations on Iceland (Archaeology)



1. What aspect of archaeology in Iceland does the professor mainly discuss? 

A. Various techniques for dating archaeological sites

B. Causes of damage to a Viking-era house 

C. Evidence of early agricultural tools

D. A method for locating buried structures


2. According to the professor, why are the remains of old Icelandic houses difficult for archaeologists to find? 

A. The remains cannot be detected by a remote sensing tool.

B. The remains are located in areas that are now covered by glaciers.

C. The houses were made of material that is similar to the soil around them

D. The houses were extremely small


3. Why does the professor discuss Icelandic sagas about Viking explorers? 

A. To help explain archaeologists’ interest in Iceland

B. To help the students understand the climate of Iceland

C. To compare the geography of Iceland to that of North America

D. To provide an overview of the history of archaeology


4. According to the professor, what kind of data does the remote sensing tool provide?

A. The approximate age of different types of buried structures

B. The electrical conductivity of the ground at different locations

C. The chemical composition of different types of soil and peat

D. The temperature of the ground at different depths


5. What is the significance of the building that was found by using the remote sensing tool? 

A. It might have been the first museum in Iceland.

B. It might have been built with materials from North America. 

C. It may help prove that a story from the Icelandic sagas is true

D. It may be the only building in Iceland built of compressed peat


6. Why does the student say this:

A. He thinks that the professor may have already answered his question 

B. He wants the professor to repeat what she just said

C.He is sorry that he missed last week’s lecture

D. He cannot hear what the professor is saying


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