TPO56C1 Whether to Change the Major



1. What is the conversation mainly about? 

A. The best careers for philosophy majors

B. The arguments made by two philosophers

C. Why the student should continue studying philosophy

D. Why the student should look for an internship in philosophy


2. What does the professor imply about studying business?

A. It will improve the student’s chances of being accepted into graduate school

B. It may not be a wise choice for the student.

C. It could help the student clarify her career goals

D. There may be fewer jobs in this field than the student thinks


3. Why does the student mention Johnson and Barkley? 

A. To cast doubt on something the professor said

B. To get the professor’s opinion about a topic from class 

C. To indicate that she wishes to change the subject

D. To check whether she has understood a philosophical argument


4. What does the student imply about Johnson’s argument? 

A. It is more convincing than Berkeley’s argument.

B. It disproves an accepted theory

C. It demonstrates the existence of physical matter 

D. It fails to prove the point he was trying to make.


5. Why does the professor tell the student to go to the career services office? 

A. To research summer internship opportunities

B. To ask how to include her skills on her resume

C. To read job descriptions for careers in philosophy

D. To confirm that her skills are valuable to employers


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