1. What is the conversation mainly about? 

A. Collecting membership fees for a student club

B. Arrangements for an upcoming student trip

C. A recent performance by a famous jazz group

D. Finding a good restaurant in the city


2. Why do the students want to get to the theater early? 

A. To purchase their concert tickets

B. To avoid rush hour traffic

C. To be able to get good seats 

D. To have time to eat dinner


3. What is the woman’s attitude toward the students’ plan to eat separately?

A. She is convinced that there will be problems.

B. She approves because they will not be able to get a reservation for such a large group 

C. She does not believe that they have planned enough time to eat separately.

D. She thinks it would be cheaper if they had dinner together.


4. Why does the man change the time that the vans will meet the students after the concert? 

A. To reduce the cost of parking

B. To get students home in time to study

C. To make sure that no student will be left behind

D. To avoid the crowds after the concert


5. What information will the woman give the man tomorrow? 

A. The cost of the concert tickets

B. The hourly charges for van drivers

C. The amount of money the students need to deposit

D. The amount of money the students still owe


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