TPO55L1 Louvre (Art History)



1. What is the lecture mainly about?

A. The influence of private art galleries on public museums.

B. The role of art museums as teaching institutions for artists.

C. The debate about the Louvre’s opening to the public.

D. The early history of the public art museum.


2. Why does the professor mention that artists were allowed to visit the Louvre every day? Click on 2 answers

A. To point out that the public museum was conceived as a place for studying.

B. To indicate that all citizens were able to visit the museum whenever they wanted.

C. To question why certain artists did not spend time at the Louvre.

D. To contrast the accessibility of art in the louvre with that of art in private museums.


3. Why does the professor mention the French Revolution?

A. To name an event depicted in Alexandre Lenoir’s artwork.

B. To identify the theme of an exhibit room in the Louvre.

C. To explain why art store houses were created.

D. To help explain some people’s attitude toward public museums.


4. According to the professor, what major contribution did Alexandre Lenoir make to the art community?

A. He donated many original paintings to public museums.

B. He developed a systematic way of exhibiting art in museums.

C. He invented a unique way to restore damaged artwork.

D. He designed a national monument in post-Revolution France.


5. The professor gives an example of a painting made in an Italian seaside village. According to the professor, what would some skeptics say about that painting?

A. It should not be exhibited unless it appeals to people from a variety of culture.

B. It should not be moved out of the geographic area in which it was created.

C. It should be exhibited in the Louvre before traveling to any other museum.

D. It should always be grouped with similar paintings in a museum.


6. What opinion about public art museums does the professor express?

A. They focus too much on entertainment and not enough on education.

B. They are more important to artists than to the general public.

C. Their way of exhibiting artwork needs to be modernized.

D. They succeed in allowing varied works of art to be appreciated in a centralized location.


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