1. What is the conversation mainly about?

  • A. A grant the student wants to apply for.
  • B. The student’s proposed plan for a class assignment.
  • C. A project presented in a DVD the class watched.
  • D. The student’s part-time job at a hotel.


2. What does the student ask the professor to allow her to do?

  1. A. Take extra time on her project.
  2. B. Write a grant rather than a paper.
  3. C. Work with a partner on an assignment.
  4. D. Use her job as the focus of her project.


3. Why does the professor mention a science conference?

  1. A. To suggest that the student attend it.
  2. B. To indicate that he is familiar with the hotel.
  3. C. To state where he got information about a new discovery.
  4. D. To state where he got the video that he showed in class.


4. According to the conversation, why might the campus hotel managers be slow to adopt environmentally friendly policies?

  1. A. They are concerned that their customers may not be happy with the changes.
  2. B. They are not knowledgeable about the potential benefits.
  3. C. No financial help is available for reducing the initial cost of making the changes.
  4. D. They have tried to adopt such policies and found them of little use.


5. What concern does the professor express?

  • A. That the hotel manager might not allow the research to take place at the hotel.
  • B. That Jessica Smith might be too busy with her job to do the project.
  • C. That the student’s idea for the project is overly ambitious.
  • D. That the student might not focus on fulfilling all the requirements of the project.


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