1.What is the main purpose of the lecture?

A. To familiarize students with the Mayan civilization in the Classic Period

B. To prepare students for an archaeology project about the Mayan civilization

C. To provide evidence for a point made in a previous class about the Mayan civilization

D. To call into question a common view about the decline of ancient Mayan civilization


2.Why does the professor discuss Lamanai in detail?

A. To present findings about one Mayan settlement from the Postclassic period

B. To describe the physical layout of the first Mayan settlements in Central America

C. To criticize the excavation methods used there during the 1970s

D. To note how the size of a typical Mayan settlement varied throughout its history


3.What is one of the features that gives Lamanai special archaeological significance?

A. It was the first Mayan site in Belize to be excavated in modern times.

B. It was occupied by two distinct cultural groups during the Classic period.

C. It was continuously occupied by the Maya longer than any other site.

D. It had an economic structure that was distinct from that of other Mayan cities.


4.Why does the professor say that it would require “lots of funding” to uncover the stone structures that she discusses?

A. Because there are so many of them

B. Because very few archaeologists are given access to them

C. Because they are located on so many different islands

D. Because of difficult weather conditions in the region


5.According to the professor, what can be inferred from the ceramic artifacts found on the island?

A. The island was the source of most of the pottery used at Lamanai.

B. Much of Lamanai’s population relocated to the island during the Postclassic period.

C. The Mayan trading network remained strong during the Postclassic period.

D. The Maya developed new technological capabilities on the island.


6.Why does the student say this:

A. To request that the professor repeat the point she just made

B. To express his doubt about the period of time being discussed

C. To disagree with the professor’s interpretation of the evidence about Lamanai

D. To find out if he correctly understands the professor’s point 


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