TPO63L3 Sound of Akkadian (Ancient History)



1. What is the main purpose of the lecture?

A. To compare two ancient civilizations

B. To suggest topics for the students’ next research paper

C. To show the importance of hearing an ancient text read aloud

D. To explain how linguists determine the correct pronunciation of ancient languages


2. According to the professor, what have previous classes concentrated on?

A. Recent discoveries about Sumerian agriculture

B. The influence of Sumerian culture on ancient Egypt 

C. The written records of the ancient Akkadians

D. Akkadian buildings that have been preserved


3. Why does the professor say that the recording of the farming advice was NOT a good example?

A. She does not find the farming advice interesting

B. The words on the tape were not pronounced accurately.

C. The farming advice is not typical of Akkadian agricultural techniques 

D. A literary example would be more appropriate than an agricultural example


4. Why does the professor mention the fact that few Akkadians knew how to read or write?

A. To emphasize the importance of the oral tradition in ancient literature

B. To emphasize the necessity for scribes in Akkadian society

C. To explain why linguists are not sure what Akkadian poetry sounded like 

D. To explain why few examples of Akkadian literature exist today


5. Why does the professor read an excerpt from the epic of Gilgamesh to the class?

A. To show that modern literature is meant to be read aloud 

B. To show the effect of repeated words on a listener

C. To compare a historical character to a mythical character 

D. To compare two translations of the same myth


6. Why does the student say this:

A. To request that the professor teach the class an Akkadian phrase

B. To point out that there are terms in modern languages that cannot be translated into ancient languages 

C. To question the practical purpose of listening to ancient texts

D. To explain why he would find it difficult to learn Akkadian

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  1. Wei Reply

    script的第5段:”recited allowed” should be “recited aloud”


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