TPO63L2 Andrew Wyeth (Art History)



1. What is the lecture mainly about?

A. A well known painting by Andrew Wyeth

B. How Andrew Wyeth’s techniques changed over time 

C. How critics influenced Andrew Wyeth’ s popularity 

D. Conflicting opinions about Andrew Wyeth’s work


2. Why was Andrew Wyeth disappointed with Christina’s World?

A. Because no art museums would display it

B. Because visitors to his house did not comment on it 

C. Because he felt it took too long to paint

D. Because many art critics said it was old-fashioned


3. Why does the professor discuss N. C. Wyeth? Click on 2 answers.

A. To explain how Andrew Wyeth learned to paint

B. To point out how Andrew Wyeth first became famous

C. To give an example of an underrated artist from the twentieth century 

D. To point out some differences between Andrew Wyeth and his father


4. According to the professor, what demonstrates Andrew Wyeth’s popularity in the 1960s?

A. Many critics gave his work positive reviews.

B. He introduced several innovations in abstract art

C. Respected publications celebrated his accomplishments 

D. His artwork became more famous than his father’ s.


5. What does the professor imply about other artists’ criticism of Andrew Wyeth?

A. It caused Wyeth to doubt his own abilities.

B. It was not always based on Wyeth’ s artistic ability

C. It was often based on a misinterpretation of Wyeth’ s art 

D. He is surprised that it had an effect on Wyeth’ s success


6. Why does the student say this:

A. To indicate that she is not sure if her idea is correct

B. To express confidence that she understands the professor’s point 

C. To make a point about Andrew Wyeth and his father

D. To show that she disagrees with Robert Rosenblum’ s opinion

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