TPO63C2 Comments on Student’s Writing



1. Why does the student go to see the professor?

A. She was confused by his comments about her paper

B. She wants his help in understanding Herbert Spencer’s theories. 

C. She thinks he misunderstood some claims she made in her paper 

D. She wants to change the topic of her paper


2. Why did the student decide to write her paper on Herbert Spencer?

A. Because she has strong views about his theories

B. Because she knew more about him than about other sociologists 

C. Because she chose his name at random from a list of sociologists 

D. Because she knew it would be easy to gather information on him


3. How does the professor feel about the student’s assertion that she tried to be objective? 、

A. He believes she has actually expressed her own biases

B. He believes she has not tried hard enough to be objective.

C. He thinks she has not presented Spencer’s ideas accurately.

D. He thinks she does not fully understand the concept of objectivity


4. According to the professor, what are the advantages of adding historical perspective? Click on 2 answers.

A. It will help the student understand Spencer’ s theories.

B. It will help the student present her own viewpoint.

C. It will help the student explain Spencer’ s ideas

D. It will help the student understand the sources of Spencer’s ideas


5. Why does the professor say this

A. He is now ready for the student to answer the questions

B. He does not remember what questions he asked the student.

C. He wants the student to consider how the questions are relevant 

D. He suspects that the student has forgotten the questions.


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