TPO62C2 Parking Problems



1. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

Click on 2 answers

A.How non-university guests can get parking passes for the festival

B.Where the man should park on Friday

C.Why the man received a parking ticket

D.How the man can get a special parking pass


2. Why does the student mention that he plays in the orchestra?

A.To let the woman know that he is already aware of an orchestra festival

B.To give a reason for always parking in the same lot

C.To try to convince the woman that he should be allowed to park in his usual lot

D.To explain why he already has a parking pass for Friday


3.According to the ticket what was the students parking violation?

A.Parking in two spaces

B.Pacing in a lot reserved for guests

C.Parking without a proper pass

D.Parking in a lot reserved for small cars


4. What will the woman give the student?

Click on 2 answers

A.More information about where he can park

B.A paid receipt for his parking ticket

C.A special parking pass for Friday

D.The paperwork to contest his ticket


5.Why does the student say this

A.To explain why his car should be allowed in the parking lot

B.To complain that the ticket should have been given to a different car

C.To reject the woman’s explanation for his problem

D.To express doubt that more cars can fit in the parking lot


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