TPO1L1 Rose Frantzen (Contemporary Art)



1.What is the purpose of the lecture?

A. To explain the difference between two artistic styles

B. To describe a new art gallery to the class

C. To introduce an artist’s work to the class

D. To show how artists’ styles can evolve over time


2.What does the professor say about Frantzen’s painting of a farm scene?

A. It resembles a photograph.

B. It may be Frantzen’s best-known painting.

C. It was painted in the Impressionist style.

D. It was painted while Frantzen lived abroad.


3.Why did Frantzen go to the Sales Barn?

A. To study human form and movement

B. To earn money by painting portraits

C. To paint farm animals in an outdoor setting

D. To meet people who could model for her paintings


4.What does the professor imply about the painting of the young woman surrounded by pumpkins?

A. It was painted at an art fair.

B. It combines Impressionism with Realism.

C. It convinced Frantzen that she was a good illustrator.

D. It was originally meant to be used in an advertisement.


5.Why does the professor discuss Frantzen’s difficulties as a young painter?

A. He wants to point out mistakes that young artists commonly make.

B. He thinks her example can inspire the students in their own lives.

C. Her difficulties remind him of the difficulties he himself experienced as a young artist.

D. Her difficulties are the subject of some of the paintings in the gallery that the students will visit.


6.What does the professor imply when he says this: 🎧

A. The students can understand Frantzen’s art without knowing about her life

B. The students should pay very close attention to what he is going to say

C. Some of his students are already familiar with Frantzen’s life story

D. Some of his students may not appreciate Frantzen’s work



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